September is a very special month for Seacoo because it's his 1st birthday!  We want to do something special and grand for him but we need your help!  Our team has reached out to the Beyonce of cakes...Yolanda Gampp from How To Cake It!  She is crazy talented and fun to watch.  We think that it will be such a treat to have Seacoo "caked"!  Ms. Yolanda can cake anything. 

So please join us on our #cakeseacoo campaign.  Simply visit our Instagram and/or Facebook and like any of the posts that have a #cakeseacoo on it and share with your friends so they can do the same! You can also visit her YouTube channel and comment:  #cakeseacoo there as well!

As you know, I am a believer in dreams coming true! 



This is a special event for us!  We have partnered with the legendary Dwana Smallwood for Seacoo's next book event!  Ms. Dwana is the founder of the Dwana Smallwood Performing Arts Center in Brooklyn, NY.  There she and her dedicated staff work tirelessly to use dance as a platform to encourage, inspire, and facilitate the aspirations of young people by engendering within them discipline, pride, determination, humility, respect and an appreciation for the arts. DSPAC's mission:  "We endeavor to plant seeds of possibility where previously growth and development has been perceived an impossibility." WOW!

Together we are hosting a book signing and book fair at Barnes and Noble Park Slope!  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Dwana Smallwood Performing Arts Center.

We are looking forward to this amazing opportunity.  Join us!