Top 5


If you are anything like me, than you are familiar with the difficulties that come with balancing a full-time job while being a mom and a wife (let's not forget about being a daughter, sister, friend, and a good neighbor!).  Hard is an understatement!  This summer I have been plagued with these questions:  "What's for dinner?  Can you take us swimming?  Can you take us to the library?  Can So and So sleep over?  Can you take us to get ice cream?" 

My children ask me these 5 questions every single day!  And, they expect answers before I can even close the door and take my shoes off when I get home from work.  Yes, they hug and kiss me hello, chant "Mommy's home!", and ask me how my day was.  But then they get down to business and run down their top 5 questions of the day.  

And don't let the answer to any of these questions be "no"!  If so, they begin to reminisce on the good ol' days when mom was not working and was able to do everything that they ever wanted me to do.  Really?  How quickly they forget about all that I have already said yes to.  They do not feel the pressures that I feel between my full-time job, being an author, and entrepreneur.  Naturally, they just want what makes them happy.

I wish that I could say yes to 4 out of their 5 daily summer questions (I'm not big on sleepovers) but the reality is I cannot.  As moms we have pressures that no one else seems to understand, except other moms!  Before we became mothers we were women with dreams, goals, good health, and so on.  But when we start a family, those things seem to get trumped by the needs and wants of our spouses and children.  No pay. No time-off. No pension.  Just love.

But that love is the fuel that we need to get up everyday to provide for our families.  It's what inspires us to acquire skills that were once foreign to us: cook, diagnosis sicknesses, multi-task to no end, etc.  It is the source of our strength needed to make the impossible possible.  It's what transforms us from the women that we once were to the real-life super heroes that we have become. 

While my children think that I live to answer their top 5, I really live for the answers to my daily top 5 questions:  "How do you feel?  Teeth brushed and flossed?  Did you read?  Chores done?  Can I have another hug?" A "yes" and a "good" to any of these 5 questions makes all that I have to endure on a daily basis worth it.  And whenever I see them put forth extra effort, I ask an extra question:  "Who wants an ice-cold Izze???"  

If you do not have a Top 5, I suggest creating one and stocking up on some Izze's!  Cheers to all the moms and their children that work hard to answer each others Top 5!   

Sincerely, G.