One of the most precious and meaningful gifts that we can give children is our time.  Whether it's minutes, hours, or days, they need and want our time.  Just think, in 30 minutes how many jokes can you exchange?  How far down memory lane can you go with them?  What important life lesson can you teach?  What can you learn from them?  If you answered plenty, one, or two, you are CORRECT!

If scheduling time works, I suggest doing it.  That way everyone has something meaningful to look forward to; this is also a great way to teach time and time management skills.  For example, if you plan to meet at 6pm in the kitchen to prepare dinner, everyone will be incentivized to complete their tasks by that time.  If the child(ren) voice a lack of interest, challenge yourself to enjoy the moment, even if you're the only one talking (pretend you have a cook show!).  The effort that you put forth will speak volumes.  Why?  The fact that you are sharing your time shows that they are important to you. Consistency is key and the possibilities are endless!

There are 24 hours in a day.  Let's say 10 are scheduled for work (8 hours = work, 2 hours = commute to and from home) and 8 for sleeping.  That's a total of 18 hours spent and 6 hours remaining.  6 hours = 360 minutes.  How many of those minutes will you share with your child(ren)?  Remember, what you give is what you will receive, time after time. 

Sincerely, G.