Super Souls


Having the support of a loved one is vital.  Knowing that they believe, not hope, in your ability to achieve whatever goal you set to accomplish is priceless.  Eight years ago, I laid eyes on a pair of fancy pink shoes.  I knew that I was going to need them for something super special but was afraid to say it out loud. Instead, I whispered it to The Mr. while we were in the store together.  I was confident that he thought that I had officially lost my mind.  Instead, he encouraged me to try them on.  Sadly they did not fit and my size was unavailable.  A week later a package arrived for me at home.  The Mr. surprised me with the shoes!  He heard me.  He saw the vision.  He believed in me.    

Every once in a while I pull them out and try them on.  Each time feels more real than the last.  The other day the Mr. told me that he cannot wait to see wear them to that super special place.  He still believes. 

Sincerely, G.