When I discovered that red pandas resided at my local zoo, The Franklin Park Zoo I knew this was where I wanted to have my first book signing.  I had the perfect pair of shoes to wear.  I secretly purchased these beauties two years prior with the intention of wearing them for a future book signing.  Coincidentally, they where red!

The Franklin Park Zoo decided to take a chance and work with me!  My very first book signing was held on August 6, 2015.  The day was perfect.  Aside from seeing the proud faces of my family and friends, I had the opportunity to watch many people fall in love with, Seacoo.  Yifan, the illustrator, attended the event with me.  Together we discussed and answered questions about our journey.  What a blessing!!!  

The magical moment for me was when I stepped into my red shoes and claimed my dream: If I can see it, I believe it!  Some may say I am dreamer.  I say I am a believer.

Believe in you and follow your dreams. 

Sincerely, G.