Process = Reality


As an adult, I've grown to realize that most people have no idea what they are talking about, most of the time!  In fact, most operate off of habit (mimicked behavior), never stopping to realize that everything does not work for everyone.  As individual people, we have our own brains and our own thoughts. 

Why live off of the "wise" words of others instead of researching and gathering our own information to make an informed decision?  Why borrow from someone else when you can simply use what you already have?  Why give someone else the power to think or act for you?   

Our reality is a direct result of our process.  We had to take a path and make decisions (good and bad) to get to this very moment.  So often we fill our lives with distractions but fail to realize that reality is real and we have to live it. It is helpful to shut off the distractions (people, places, and things), turn our brains all the way on, and simply think.  When we explore our own mind and connect with our intuition we can remove the emotions and see things as they are, not as we want them to be.

Always remember, if you can think it you can achieve it!  If you ever feel lost or off-track, the answer is always in your process, because reality is the end result of your actions.

Sincerely, G.