By definition peace is a state of tranquility or quiet.  When you have a goal or a mission to accomplish your peace must be protected.  Without peace, confusion can seep in (like water) and sink your ship!  It is easy for others to comment on how progress should be made and at what speed it should go.  It's difficult when you make a move that others do not trust or understand.  But the reality is, the only way to know something for sure is to do it.  Everyone is not always going to agree or understand.  What's important is that you know.  You must know that when things look bleak, meek, tarnished, or questionable, the goals are not unattainable.  Everything in life has a process.  By staying in peace, we become students of whatever we are working towards.  Eventually, those that have questioned the intentions and actions throughout the quest will become your students, appreciative and trusting of all that you have to offer because your ship never sank...not even in the rainstorm.

Sincerely, G.