NYC from Gabby's view.

NYC from Gabby's view.

My friend Gabby is one of the wisest women that I know.  We met while in high school and instantly gravitated to each other; it could be that we are cancerians and understand one another.  Gabby has always been fascinated by the inner-workings of what makes people unique individuals, aka their souls.

During one of our recent conversations about parenting she shared some very insightful and inspirational views on motherhood and her role as a mother.  With her permission I am able to share them with you:

"Motherhood has been an experiential and dynamic confirmation for convictions that I have no other way of seeing or sharing.  My son’s disposition, thoughtfulness, and open-mindedness are a reflection of the ways in which I have adjusted my life to the lesson’s he’s brought and taught.  The only advice I’d give to parents is simple but exceedingly difficult:  Know and work on yourself with diligence; be fully the person that you are and evaluate and love this person fiercely, before you try to do this for anyone else.
I don’t have a lot to say about the RIGHT way to raise your children because I think each of us does the best we can, and I don’t think it’s my place to decide what that best looks like for everyone else.  I know what I wish all children had but this is something different altogether.  I’m wise enough to know that in parenting, there are some things that will always change and others that will never.  I can say that it has been of great benefit to me to handle my child as a soul who has come to teach me in his need for my guidance and attentiveness.
Children are a gift; but not just metaphorically; they offer unique and essential opportunities for growth.  We must have the courage to develop the qualities that we want and expect them to possess."

Gabby is a phenomenal mother to her son and teacher to her high school students.  She is an example worth referring to!

Sincerely, G.